DICOM Support for Xojo

System Requirements

QTPluginDicom is shipped as a RBX file; this means that you can use it with RealBasic IDE 5.0 or later. The version 6.0 of the plugin is more restrictive and requires RealBasic IDE 5.5.4 or later; finally, starting from version 6.2.0, the minimum version of the RealBasic IDE required is the 2006 Release 4. Trying to use the plugin with earlier versions of the RealBasic IDE will fail.

After the official release of Xojo, a new version of the the plugin (6.3.0) has been shipped either in RBX and Xojo formats.

In order to use the last plugin version you must have:

  • RealBasic IDE 2006 Release 4 or later, or, alternatively, Xojo 2013 Release 1 or later
  • or later (using the latest QTPlugin version is highly recommended)
  • Windows or MacOS X (10.4 or later) Operating Systems
  • QuickTime 3.0 or later installed (using the latest QuickTime version is highly recommended)

Along with the aforementioned changes, support for obsolete platforms has been removed; now, the plugin allows you to compile your projects for:

  • Mac OS X Intel Carbon
  • Cocoa
  • Windows
If you need to compile the plugin for one of the removed targets, you can use one of the earlier plugin versions (up to 6.2.0)