Documentation and Sample Code

Welcome to the QDLPlugin Framework Developing Page

The QDLPlugin Framework is a new collection of plugins for Xojo/Real Studio (earlier known as RealBasic); the main goal of all of these plugins is to make easier and quicker (hopefully QDL stands for Quick Developing Library) the programmers' work. The framework is designed to provide developers with a rich set of every–day ready to use classes covering a wide range of programmers needings.

Generally, the plugins support both MacOS X and Windows platforms, but some of them will work with only one of the two platforms depending on the type of the plugin target. For example, the QDLPluginSystemMacPS (not yet available), leveraging a lot of technologies provided by the MacOS X operating system, will run only onto that platform.

The QDLPlugin Framework Reference Library is a comprehensive collection of technical resources of interest for Xojo/RealStudio developers using the plugins constituting such framework. Such resources include Guides, Reference, Release Notes and so on.

The entire set of plugins is usable starting from RealStudio 2006R4 version but will offer its best if used in conjunction with the latest release of the Xojo IDE.

Framework Plugins