Enhanced Security for Your Xojo Solutions

QDLPluginEncryptionPS is a free plugin for Xojo/Real Studio and it is part of the library.

This component implements advanced cryptographic services that can be added to the programmer's Xojo/RealStudio solutions. Although cryptography is a complex topic, the plugin's API are designed with the goal of making encryption, error detection and hashing accessible with the minimum of effort.

In a nutshell, the plugin extends the limited cryptographic capabilities implemented by the Xojo's Crypto module by offering the following services:

  • Encryption:easy and quick encryption/decryption of either a block of memory or an entire file. The plugin implements the most known block–based and stream–based encryption algorithms along with a few much less famous. Among the others are provided the following ciphers:
    • RC4, RC5
    • DES, Triple–DES
    • AES
    • Serpent
    • Blowfish
    • Twofish
  • Hashing:computing of the hash value of a block of memory using one of the cryptographic hash functions offered by the plugin:
    • SHA–256
    • SHA–512
    • MD5
    • HMAC–MD5
    • Tiger
  • Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC):the plugin offers a wide choice of CRC algorithms to perform error detection on memory or files: 8, 16,32 and 64 bits based CRC algorithms are implemented by the plugin. The CRC functionalities are provided as extensions of the Memoryblock and Folderitem classes built– in the Xojo Framework.

The QDLPluginEncryptionPS plugin requires RealStudio 2006 R4 or later; anyway, it is designed to work at best with the latest version of Xojo IDE. The plugin is shipped either in Xojo (recommended) and RBX formats, the latter being usable with Xojo as well. Trying to use the plugin with earlier versions of the RealStudio IDE will fail.

In order to use the last plugin version you must have:

  • RealBasic IDE 2006 Release 4 or later, or, alternatively, Xojo 2013 Release 1 or later
  • Windows or MacOS X (10.4 or later) Operating Systems

The plugin allows you to compile your projects for:

  • Mac OS X Intel (Carbon and Cocoa)
  • Windows (XP/2000/Vista/7/8)

At time, the plugin does not support 64 bits architecture.

To install the plugin, simply create a folder, if it does not already exist, in the same folder as the Xojo (or RealStudio) application called "Plugins" then, toss the plugin into this folder and fire–up the IDE. Make sure that, in the same folder, is present the plugin as well. Your new application can now take advantage of the added functionality of the QDLPluginEncryptionPS plugin.

The provides access to technical resources, documentation and information to assist you in developing with the latest technologies provided by the QDLPluginEncryptionPS and the others plugins constituting the for Xojo/RealStudio.

You can email any question, suggest, comment or new feature request to the including the " QDLPluginEncryptionPS-Feedback" keyword (without quotes) into the subject field.

You can report any supposed bug, problem or other plugin malfunctioning by sending an email to the including the " QDLPluginEncryptionPS-Bugs" keyword (without quotes) into the subject field.

Finally, you can use our Mail Form directly on this site to contact us.

The QDLPluginEncryptionPS is now provided in its fully-featured and functional version: there is no time limit or any other restriction. Enjoy it!

The compressed file contains both the Real Studio and Xojo flavors of the plugin; a copy of the plugin is also included (just in case). User Reference documentation is stored along with the plugin and can be accessed directly from IDE by selecting Help>Plugin References>QDLPluginEncryptionPS in the application menu bar.

(.zip, 4.0 MB)
Release Date: 01/08/2014

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