Quick Developing Library Plugins Collection for Xojo

QDLPluginBasePS is a lightweight plugin for Xojo/Real Studio that defines a handful of classes, modules and interfaces representing the bulk of the collection of plugins constituting the library.

Even if the main goal of this plugin is to provide the foundations on which other plugins belonging to the QDLPlugin Framework will be built–up to provide their own services, nevertheless, some of them have features that can be useful in the all–day work.

The latest QDLPluginBasePS APIs include 24 classes, 1 module and 2 interfaces.

The plugin is completely free and shipped in both the Xojo and the older RBX formats.

The QDLPluginBasePS plugin requires RealStudio 2006 R4 or later; anyway, it is designed to work at best with the latest version of Xojo IDE. The plugin is shipped either in Xojo (recommended) and RBX formats, the latter being usable with Xojo as well. Trying to use the plugin with earlier versions of the RealStudio IDE will fail.

In order to use the last plugin version you must have:

  • RealBasic IDE 2006 Release 4 or later, or, alternatively, Xojo 2013 Release 1 or later
  • Windows or MacOS X (10.4 or later) Operating Systems

The plugin allows you to compile your projects for:

  • Mac OS X Intel (Carbon and Cocoa)
  • Windows (XP/2000/Vista/7/8)

At time, the plugin does not support 64 bits architecture.

To install the plugin, simply create a folder, if it does not already exist, in the same folder as the Xojo (or RealStudio) application called "Plugins" then, toss the plugin into this folder and fire–up the IDE. Your new application can now take advantage of the added functionality of the QDLPluginBasePS.

The provides access to technical resources, documentation and information to assist you in developing with the latest technologies provided by the QDLPluginBasePS and the others plugins belonging to the for Xojo/RealStudio.

You can email any question, suggest, comment or new feature request to the including the " QDLPluginBasePS-Feedback" keyword (without quotes) into the subject field.

You can report any supposed bug, problem or other plugin malfunctioning by sending an email to the including the " QDLPluginBasePS-Bugs" keyword (without quotes) into the subject field.

Finally, you can use our Mail Form directly on this site to contact us.

The compressed file contains both the Real Studio and Xojo flavors of the plugin. User Reference documentation is stored along with the plugin and can be accessed directly from IDE by selecting Help>Plugin References>QDLPluginBasePS in the application menu bar.

(.zip, 1.7 MB)
Release Date: 12/20/2013

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