DICOM Support for Xojo

What Is QTPluginDicom

QTPluginDicom is a plugin for Xojo/Real Studio (formerly known as RealBasic) that empowers the to work with DICOM data structures, by extending it with a set of classes and modules specifically designed to this purpose. Some of these classes was originally present into the version 5.5 of the . Starting with version 6.0 of the , has been decided to split off the Dicom services into a different plugin; in fact, such services are not strictly connected to the traditional area of interest of a QuickTime developer, but, anyway, they can accomplish their tasks using the QuickTime API.
In brief, the QTPluginDicom classes enable you to:

  • read/write data elements from/to data sets
  • create anonymous copies of data elements
  • create DICOMDIR (containing a Basic Directory Information data structure) files from scratch
  • playback pixel data
  • convert sequences of frames and still images into the appropriate pixel data elements and associate them to DICOM data structures

While the plugin allows you to retrieve virtually any information contained into a DICOM document, its support for the display and conversion of data is not complete. To find more about the actual limits of the plugin you can read the document.
Also, the document summarizes the plugin capabilities.

To know more about the RealBasic cross–platform development environment visit the RealSoftware's site.

The 5.5 developers that upgrade the plugin to version 6.0.0, can obtain the QTPluginDicom for free, if they like.