Advanced QuickTime support for Xojo

What Is QTPlugin

QTPlugin is a plugin for Xojo/Real Studio (formerly known as RealBasic) that lets you access to a lot of the routines and structures provided by the QuickTime multimedia programming architecture. If you need to manage media devices and data or provide multimedia support to your applications using the QuickTime engine, this plugin is that right one for you.

The plugin comprises more than 200 classes, 4 modules and 64 global methods (the Cocoa version does not support global methods anymore) that make easy for you to work with the QuickTime engine maintaining a great deal of control over it.

A great effort has been done to make complicate things as easier as possible: you will notice that such tasks as creating and animating sprites, applying tweening, dealing with properties of movies, tracks, and media, playing back data, send or receive streaming over a network, acquiring data from external devices and so on, can be accomplished with just a few lines of code. On the other hand, the plugin API is so rich to let you gain a deeper control over the QuickTime technologies you are going to use if you need it.

Using the QTPlugin enables you to work whether with digital media directly supported by the QuickTime API and with other kinds of media, such as uncompressed float still images, that QuickTime does not recognize by itself.
The document summarizes the plugin capabilities.

To know more about the RealBasic cross-platform development environment visit the RealSoftware's site.